About Gimly

Gimly is an ID tech company revolutionizing identity verification and access control in travel, hospitality, and commercial sectors.

Our Tap-to-ID technology empowers businesses, ensuring seamless and secure verification for a simplified user experience. Join us in redefining security and connectivity.
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Shaping the future of travel

At Gimly, we aim to redefine security and connectivity in travel and hospitality.

Streamlining identity verification and enhancing customer experiences through innovative solutions, we revolutionize how people access and interact with services, shaping the future of travel.


Transforming Travel and Hospitality Experiences

Our vision is to lead in seamless identity and access control for travel and hospitality.

We envision a world where individuals navigate venues effortlessly, enjoying secure and frictionless experiences. With advanced technology and unwavering commitment, we open up new possibilities by transforming how businesses and travelers interact.


Founders Igniting Innovation: Caspar Roelofs and Khalid Maliki

Gimly was founded by Caspar Roelofs and Khalid Maliki, driven by their shared passion for innovation to improve data privacy and cybersecurity in a seamless traveler experience.

Combining their expertise in decentralized identity and user-centric design, they embarked on a journey to develop Tap to ID as a groundbreaking solution.

Together, they push boundaries and pioneer new approaches grounded in their belief in open standards, collaboration and  ecosystems.

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Gimly: The name

Gimly draws inspiration from the Norwegian word "Gimléi," which translates to "protected from fire."

In Norse mythology, Gimléi symbolizes a serene and secure place, shielded from harm and from where a better world can be built. We embrace this analogy to foster a culture of excellence, creativity, and integrity at Gimly.

Meet our team

Caspar Roelofs

Co-founder & CEO
Caspar Roelofs, co-founder and CEO, leverages 10+ years in innovation systems research and consulting. With his expertise in self-sovereign identity (SSI), he is a leader of transformative change in travel and hospitality.

Khalid Maliki

Co-founder & COO
Khalid Maliki, co-founder and COO, a self-sovereign identity (SSI) expert and entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience. He is recognized for innovative solutions and has won several prestigious awards.

Eduardo Elias Saleh

Tech Lead, Architect
Eduardo Elias Saleh is a senior architect and BE developer with 20+ years of experience with distributed, high-load production systems, including a position as CTO at former Decentralized Identity (SSI) company Tykn.
As the founder of Gimly, I am driven by the belief that secure identity and convenient access should be available to everyone. Together, let's reshape access control and build a future where trust, privacy, and security are at the forefront.

Simplify Access with Gimly

Reach out to us to learn more about our Tap to ID technology and how we can start a pilot in your use case.